Sunday, September 01, 2002

It's 10:45am and this is the first entry in my blog page!!! chris is at work now so im mega bored although he only has to work today then he's off till thursday yeeehaa!!!
tomoroow we're mean to be ripping apart the hallway and stairs (we're remoding our house) that is gonna be a mess *yuck*

For anyone werid enough to read this i was born in Northern Ireland 30th oct 1974 in a small village called Killyrammer i live there till 17th nov 2001 when i moved to Wisconsin USA to be with the love of my life chris!! Chris and i met online in a yahoo chatroom on 8th dec 2000 we chatted for over 6months on phone and internet before we met in person that happened 23rd may 2001 chris came to Northern Ireland and stayed a week!! Between then and us meeting again there was 10 long weeks this time i made the trip so on 4th aug 2001 i packed my bags and set off to Dublin airport where i got a flight for Dublin -madison WI it wasnt a non stop flight i had to change flights twice AHHHH!!! its wasnt really that difficult you just have to read all the signs you see and always look the flight boards to be sure your in the right part of the airport!!
I stayed for 3weeks with chris its was the best 3weeks i ever had. We're decided in them 3weeks we wanted to be together all the time so we said i came back im november and see how we got on then so i did and it was even better that i could have ever imagined and still is we got married febuary 10th 2002 so we've been married just a lil over 6months and it gets better and better everyday. I LOVE YOU BABY XXXXXXX